Factor is the ready-to-eat meal kit you need to know about

What do you do when you can’t factor in enough time to meal plan, grocery shop, cook and then clean up?

You check out Factor.

This meal kit company is unlike the others where you need to slice and dice or follow a recipe. Instead, you meals are ready to heat and eat and at your fingertips.

We had the pleasure to heat and eat these meals last year during our meal kit madness testing spree, but for those that need a refresher on what makes Factor shine, here you go.

Aside from the microwave and fridge, all you need to get started is a Factor membership and our New York Post discount code. Enter NYP120OFF at checkout and get $120 off for a limited time only.

What is Factor?


Factor is a dietitian-backed meal delivery service, designed with wellness in mind with each menu item. The menu spans diets and preferences including Keto, Vegan + Veggie, Protein Plus and Calorie Smart, with chef-prepared, dietitian-approved meals.

Factor offers ready-to-eat meals, but also smoothies and juices, breakfast options and more. Interested? Read more below or start your Factor journey now with the big red button.

What sets Factor apart from other meal kits?


Plain and simple: the lack of cooking is what gets us excited about Factor’s food.

Unlike many other traditional meal kit companies, Factor meals are delivered fresh and ready to either pop into the microwave or store in the fridge. The meals each come with a best-by date printed clearly on the packaging and can be stored for seven days (if you have that much willpower!)

The other thing that we need to mention is that Factor really is for every time of the day. The menu offerings span breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even have options for add-ons like desserts, snacks and smoothies.

During our review, we sampled the gambit, with a pancake breakfast, delicious soup for lunch and a variety of juices to sip on throughout the day.

How much does Factor cost?


The great thing about Factor is that it factors in the fact that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to foods. That’s why there are multiple options for your plan and associated costs.

First and foremost, use code NYP120OFF for $120 off right now. However, normally plans start at $11 per serving, no matter what meal preference you choose when creating your plan. Then, add the amount of meals you want per week, from four all the way up to 18 and you’re all set.

Need to skip a delivery? No problem, as you can pause or skip weeks by heading to your account page, so long as you do so before the next delivery deadline.

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