TikToker slams ‘scam’ Hamptons: $15K tables, long lines, clogged roads, spotty cell service

The Hamptons? More like the Scamptons.

A New York-based influencer has hit out at the Hamptons — trashing the tony towns for their overpriced drinks, long lines and lack of cell service.

Grace Hagan shared a video rant to her popular TikTok account, taking acute aim at Montauk — the one-time working-class surf community that has been besieged by moneyed hipsters and social media stars.

“Montauk = scam,” the brunette captioned her clip, which was filmed in a threadbare motel room, which she claimed cost $1,000 per night.

Hagan’s expectations of a summer weekend by the beach reportedly failed to match up to the reality, with the influencer compiling a laundry list of complaints.

“A table at [buzzy bar] Surf Lodge is $15,000 … [and] a drink is $30,” the beauty bemoaned.

When expectations don’t match reality: Hagan hit out at the Hamptons for its high prices, long lines and spotty cell service.
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But Hagan’s hatred of the Hamptons didn’t just pertain to prices, with the aggrieved influencer also finding fault in several other areas.

“There’s no phone service anywhere, [and] every place that serves food closes by 8 p.m.,” she stated, sporting an unimpressed look on her face. “Good luck if you want to eat.”

Hagan also grumbled about long lines for “cheugy” bars, saying she was forced to wait 90 minutes to enter an unfashionable establishment.

Her video quickly clocked up nearly 400,000 views and courted comments from other victimized visitors who relayed their own Hamptons horror stories.

The tony towns have long been a playground for the rich and famous during the summer months, but influencer Hagan described the area as a “scam”
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Hagan claimed a table at Montauk hotspot Surf Lodge (pictured) cost a whopping $15,000.
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“Overrated and overpriced,” one ally declared.

However, there were others who were a little less sympathetic to the influencer’s inconveniences, with one dryly suggesting: “Go elsewhere?”

“I go every summer,” another chimed in. “It’s a bit pricey but this is so dramatic.”

However, the truth about the Hamptons is often hidden, as a report in The Post recently revealed.

Hagan’s video clocked up almost 400,000 views, with others sharing their own Hamptons horror stories.

Illegal immigrants are being forced to live in concealed camps in wooded areas of the Hamptons as the sky-high cost of residing in the ritzy area has left them homeless.

“I work for very rich people in the Hamptons but I can’t afford somewhere to live,” one worker living in the squalid encampments shockingly revealed. “I am paid very little and an apartment costs too much money.”