20 best TikTok-approved college dorm items and essentials of 2022

We’re just about influenced by everything on our TikTok ‘fyp’ (that’s short for the ‘for you page,’ in case you’re not a proponent of the hours-long scroll as we are).

So, it comes at little to no surprise that we landed on back-to-school TikTok (or, #dormessentials: the hashtag with more than 80M views on the app.

If you take what TikTok recommends as gospel, this is the ultimate back-to-school shopping list for you — and, created with you in mind. Enter the TikTok back-to-school edit, where we share 20 products that are way too cool for school and will instantly transform your college dorm from drab to fab.

From desk essentials to one-of-a-kind decor and storage pieces, the below products are TikTok-approved and New York Post Shopping-vetted.

1. Bare Home Quilted Fitted Cooling Mattress Topper, $32


According to Darcy McQueeny on TikTok, you absolutely need a mattress topper. “The beds at college are so hard and uncomfortable,” she says in her video. This one from Bare Home has more than 1,000 ratings on Amazon, is machine washable and has a 30-day warranty.

2. Home Logic Rolling Plastic Laundry Hamper with Handle, $20


Now, this is revolutionary. “Trust me, you will not want to pick up a laundry basket, you’ll want to roll it,” McQueeny says. Plus, it’s just $20 at Walmart and comes with a built-in, pop-up handle for extra convenience.

3. Hilife Clothes Steamer, $30, original price: $39


Ah, the quintessential dorm necessity. “You’re not going to bring a huge iron table and huge iron; a steamer’s all you need,” McQueeny states on TikTok. “Your clothes are going to get wrinkly.” With almost 80,000 rave reviews from passionate users, this model is a must.

4. Addtam Surge Protector Power Strip, $28, original price: $37


From plugging in your curling irons to laptop chargers, a surge protector power strip is a must. “There will not be enough outlets for what you need,” McQueeny notes in her TikTok. Not to mention, this one has a 10 ft. extension cord to make using it as easy as can be.

5. Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy, $15


To store all of your sudsy shampoos and hydrating conditioners, picking up a mesh shower caddy will be your built-in BFF. “If you have a community shower, you literally need this,” McQueeny advises. It’s an Amazon’s Choice item, too, for storing all your essentials.

6. Shower Shoes, $16, original price: $23


Speaking of community showers, these shower shoes are some of the most-recommended items to have on hand (trust us, we’ve been there). This pair is less than $20 and available in a slew of colors to choose from.

7. House Day Magic Space-Saving Hangers (10-Pack), $16, original price: $20


When in a dorm, you need to rethink your storage options (and, with that, means saving space where you can). The House Day Magic Space-Saving Hangers come in a 10-pack to organize your closet in the best way possible. They’ll hold up for years, too.

8. Room Essentials Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer, $10


On the organization train, picking up an over-the-door shoe organizer will save you much time rummaging at the bottom of your closet for the pair you want to wear. For just $10, this clear organizer makes it simple to see every pair, from comfy heels to white sneakers.

9. Room Essentials Over-the-Door Mirror, $19


A shoe organizer isn’t the only thing to hang over your door. For your main dorm door, an over-the-door mirror is key to seeing your outfit in full view (and for #OOTD selfies, if we’re being honest). This less-than-$20 model at Target will hold up throughout your college years and beyond.

10. Hurricane 6″ Portable Clip Fan, $15, original price: $24


Instead of splurging for a tower fan, the Hurricane 6″ Portable Clip Fan is a life-saver for your nightstand and desk area. There’s nothing like having air circulate right by your bed or desk chair, if we’re being honest (for less than $20, too!)

11. Brita Water Filter & Dispenser, $16


After watching way too many TikTok videos on back-to-school dorm essentials, the Brita Water Filter & Dispenser is one of the most-talked-about items to snatch up before move-in day. “Don’t drink water from the faucet — don’t,” McQueeny adamantly advises. Plus, it’s one of those items that’s perfect for post-college life.

12. AcmeTop Over-the-Door Hook Hanger, $17, original price: $27


When living in a dorm, you’re bound to need more space. Enter the AcmeTop Over-the-Door Hook Hanger (because everything is over-the-door when in college!) For less than $20, it has five quality hooks to hang jackets, your backpack and more to clear up some floor space.

13. Absorbent Dish Mat, $12


Interestingly, Lindsey Argent on TikTok recommends picking up an absorbent dish cloth for placing underneath your shower caddy to prevent mold (genius)! Since you’ll be taking it into your community shower, it’ll keep your organizational caddy nice and dry, not to mention lasting for longer.

14. Felt Letter Board, $23, original price: $29


“A letter board was a huge hit in our room,” Argent adds in her TikTok video. “We would put funny quotes on it and everyone seemed to love it.” For less than $25 on Amazon, this one comes with letters, numbers, a sturdy hook and an easel stand so you can mix and match your decor throughout the year.

15. Expo Low-Odor Dry-Erase Markers (16-Pack), $10


“My roommate and I would write to-do lists, funny quotes, when we’d be back in the room or write little notes on the mirror,” Argent says in her TikTok video. Plus, you can use these Expo markers as actual school supplies (pro tip: find a whiteboard at your college’s library and study with these).

16. Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror, $56


From personal experience, you absolutely need a vanity mirror to get ready in a pinch — and Argent agrees. “Mirrors make your room look so much bigger than it actually is,” she explains on TikTok. We have a Hollywood lights mirror and it’s one of our favorite Amazon purchases to date (namely for its extremely bright lights).

17. LinMagco 16″ Small Velvet Storage Ottoman, $23


According to Laine Martin on TikTok, an ottoman is a must-have for any dorm for getting onto your bed (if it’s raised) and for extra storage. This one from Amazon comes in many fun colors and adds a bit of tufted texture to your room, too.

18. Plastic Storage Bin Containers (6-Pack), $85, original price: $95


Additionally, plastic storage bins are key to storing items in a small space. “We have T-shirts and sweatshirts in one and medicine in the other,” Martin explains on TikTok. For less than $100, you can snag six of these large-capacity units right before move-in day.

19. Febreze Fabric Refresher, $5


Alexis Madison on TikTok claims Febreze’s Fabric Refresher is just what you need to pick up when you start doing your laundry. You’re not going to wash your sheets as often as you think you will, and this spray helps liven up your room a bit. In short, get fabric spray.

Not to mention, check out our guide to the best laundry detergents for more college dorm essentials.

20. Black+Decker 20V Max Lithium Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, $50, original price: $88


“I had a giant vacuum but this would have been so nice because you are going to spill everything,” Madison shares on TikTok. For less than $100, this trusty handheld vacuum is all you’ll need.

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