We reviewed the TA3 shaping swimsuit, get the details here

Let’s get snatched, ladies.

The TA3 shaping swimsuit ($178) is just about everywhere on social media — and we have Shark Tank to thank.

Founder Leila Shams created the TA3 swimsuit because she wanted to “feel confident in a swimsuit.”

“Why do we wear shapewear under our clothes but when we’re most exposed we wear the flimsiest, most shapeless garments ever?” asked Shams.

After three years, hundreds of proto types and many many fittings, Shams took to Shark Tank in January 2022 where the design got picked up.

“I’ve been a fashion designer forever,” Shams shared. “My designs have been worn by the biggest celebrities in the world, but making women love the way they look in a swimsuit has been the greatest thrill of my career.”


After hearing Shams story and seeing the plethora of online praise, I knew I had to put the sculpting suits to the test.

How TA3 swimwear works

The science behind TA3 isn’t difficult to understand: the suits are designed to make you feel good and look good.

More specifically, each TA3 bathing suit features compression fabric (similar to that of a high-end sports bra) and power mesh along the waist, thus leading to unparalleled sculpting abilities.

Now, the real magic happens with the adjustable straps.

Each style (Lacey, Plungey and Hi Cut Plungey) offers criss-cross back straps that not only look cute, but put the shaping control in your hands.

“Y’all see my waist?” @itmamabelle on TikTok says in disbelief after pulling the back strings. “What is this? Who is this? Who is she?”

And we must say, she looks incredible.

My only thought was, how tight is the TA3 swimsuit? Does it feel constricting? Will I be able to breathe?! Well, there was only one way to find out.

My TA3 swimsuit review

The fun started by selecting my TA3 swimsuit of choice.

I used the brand’s “Find My Fit” function to narrow down the search. There, I discovered TA3 offers sizing from XS to 4X, both short and long options, various cuts and a lineup of gorgeous colors — which all ring in at $178.

I opted for the black TA3 Hi Cut Plungey in a size Small Short (and my 5-foot-tall self was pumped about the height inclusion).

Once it came in the mail, I sprinted to the bathroom to slip it on.

Upon slipping it on, I did have to do a little wiggle wiggle to get it past my hips. Once on, it was comfortable and not restrictive.

I tightened the swimsuit to cinch my waist and I was blown away. The TA3 swimsuit really worked, and as a sceptic, I was amazed. The people on TikTok knew what they were talking about.

With extreme ease I was able to achieve an hourglass shape without crunches or weights.

The material is a bit thicker than your typical swimsuit, but I didn’t mind that, as I’m not a fan of flimsy, see-through fabric anyway.

It is a bit constricting but not to the point where you feel uncomfortable. Rather, it feels like a supportive best friend that has your back — even if you choose to eat pizza for lunch (guilty as charged). And if worst comes to worst, simply loosen the adjustable drawstrings.

So what’s my take on the TA3 swimsuit? It’s that you need to get your hands on it ASAP and get snatched!

TA3 Lacey Swimsuit, $178

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Slip into a medium cut leg with cheeky back coverage. Classic colors such as bright green and sapphire blue are available.

Sizes range from XS to 3X in both regular/long and short.

TA3 Plungey, $178

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The Plungey offers you a sexy V-neck top with a modest full-coverage bottom. Choose from light pink and army green to neon purple.

Sizes range from XS to 4X in both regular/long and short.

TA3 Hi Cut Plungey, $178

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The Hi Cut Plungey offers minimal back coverage, a deep V-neck and high-rise hips. Choose from bold colors like vibrant pink and striking orange or stick to basics like black and white.

Sizes range from XS to 3X in both regular/long and short.

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