Take this discounted chef knife with you to the kitchen to the campsite

How often are you in the kitchen? Whether you find yourself dishing out a fresh meal every day or only occasionally throwing something together, you might be able to make your time in the kitchen a little more enjoyable.

Prepping veggies and cutting meat to size can be frustrating if you’re using dull, older knives. Clean up your knife work with the Seido Kyodai Utility Chef Knife.

This precision blade has a unique grip for easy control, a razor sharp edge, and for a limited time, it’s only $49.99. 

An all-purpose chef knife

Because even the most seasoned chef slips once in a while, this knife comes with a laser-carved index finger hole for more control while you cut and a secure grip. The rest of the handle is made from premium oakwood, shaped to a secure and comfortable fit. The level of control you can get out of the handle could be especially useful because a high-carbon stainless steel like this one should be able to hold a razor edge through some heavy use. 

Seido Kyodai Utility Chef Knife, $50

New York Post Store

Some chef knives you leave in the kitchen because they’re either too delicate to use anywhere else or only hold up if you’ve got the ideal kitchen setup. This Japanese chef knife is one you can take with you hunting, fishing, camping, or grilling. The compact design can fit with the rest of your gear, and the full-tang construction should be able to take some punishment. Plus, the leather holster and sheath let you attach it to your belt if you need a blade on the go. Take a chef-quality knife with you practically anywhere. 

A good deal anyway you slice it

Not many knives could belong in a high-end kitchen or stuck in a log next to your fire pit, but this one can! Get the Seido Kyodai Utility Chef Knife on sale for almost half off at $49.99 (Reg. $99). 

Prices subject to change.