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Douglas Murray is a Senior Fellow at National Review Institute

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Italy's election shows us that politics isn't black and white

“Far-right,” “Fascist,” “Extreme,” “Ultra-MAGA.” How many terms have we thrown around in recent years? And how many times have they been used completely unfairly?

Letting both sides declare 'victory' in Ukraine may be best solution

One thing has become clear about the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin cannot win. But he also cannot lose.

The New York Times is on a 'jihad' against the UK and Queen Elizabeth

Remember when people used to call the New York Times “the paper of record”? How that has changed. Today the paper doesn’t inform its readers — it preaches to them....

With Martha's Vineyard meltdown, maybe Dems will FINALLY understand illegal immigration problems

If sending bus-loads of illegal migrants to DC and Martha's Vineyard is what is needed to bring the border crisis right to the doorsteps of the nation’s lawmakers then so...

Service, faith, true compassion: Queen Elizabeth's special virtues and valors

The concept of there being something bigger than yourself has been lost on some for the time being at least. Perhaps the Queen’s passing will remind all of us of...

Long live the King: Charles III has chance to be a fine monarch

It is right that as well as mourning Queen Elizabeth II's passing and thinking on her legacy, the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and others look to the future in King Charles...

Biden calling half the country 'fascist' is a cynical political ploy

Biden decided that the best way to win the hearts and minds of the American public is dismiss half of us as “fascist.”

UVA students' efforts to erase Jefferson from campus more than just Tom-foolery

Students at the University of Virginia have become the latest young Americans to try to saw off the legacy of Thomas Jefferson.

How is Biden still doing deal with Iran after assassination bids on US soil?

In the last month alone Iran has been found committing three strikes against the US. Instead of sucking up to them is high time this country changes and calls them...

Migrant-loving lefties live in a Dreamerworld

From now on can we use the term “Dreamers” to describe anyone who believes that this country’s border system can go on as it is?