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What is the 'shower effect'? How bathing yields the best ideas: study

Many people say they have their best ideas in the shower -- and it turns out there's an actual reason to explain why.

Finnish ship Glenbank which disappeared in 1911 discovered off Australian coast

The mysterious final resting place of Finnish-owned sailing ship Glenbank has finally been solved, after going missing more than a century ago.

Walking in on incest at 18 got me fired: Former UES nanny's wild allegation goes viral on TikTok

"He literally lifts his head up from under her skirt, and we’re all just staring at each other."

Here's how much Google's new smartwatch, Pixel 7 phones will cost

Sales of the Apple Watch have slipped this year as consumers delay purchases or select cheaper rivals.

Bridal shop reveals hack to give brides a ‘sexy butt’

The store showed how to get a fuller figure in a hilarious TikTok.

Russell Brand calls out Hillary Clinton, liberals for branding Trump supporters as 'Nazis' and 'fascists'

Russell Brand suggested that Clinton and liberals are comparing their opposition to Nazis insincerely, so they can "disparage them rather than having a genuine concern."

Contestants claim Miss USA 2022 was 'rigged'

Contestants claim no one had a "fair chance" in the 2022 Miss USA pageant because it was rigged. "I feel heartbroken for all the little girls who watch Miss USA...

Best Amazon tech deals ahead of October Prime Day: TVs, laptops, earbuds, more

For big-ticket items, now's the time to save.

This unexpected beauty trick can leave your hair healthy and shiny

A new beauty hack is taking over social media and it is leaving users feeling luscious.

Jana Hocking: Why I'm putting my phone in the other room when I have sex

There’s nothing like the topic of porn to really spark people’s interest, and last week when I pondered whether it was affecting our sex lives in a detrimental way I was inundated...