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A stranger messaged me because we look eerily alike — it got even weirder

While "The Parent Trap" is a fan-favorite movie, it’s hard to think something like that would happen in real life.

I’m trolled for my baby’s name, they say I’ve ruined his life

It can be difficult to choose a name for your child — especially if you want them to stand out, and that won't be an issue for Brittany Davison's baby.

Harry and Meghan should learn from Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s exile

The Duke of Windsor died in May 1972 — just over 50 years ago — after almost 40 years spent in exile from the Royal Family. It’s an exile that the...

Cowboy shares how to ‘think like a horse’ and life hacks from the ranch

In his new book “Think Like a Horse: Lessons in Life, Leadership, and Empathy from an Unconventional Cowboy,” Grant Golliher dishes out all the wisdom he’s gleaned from nearly 50 years...

Why millennials, Gen Z will have the wildest summer ever

In a poll, 67 percent of Gen Z respondents and 65 percent of millennials said they have overbooked themselves.

Miss Hooters 2022 shakes off scary health battles — is 'thrilled' to take crown

"In my upcoming role, I’m determined to help children around the world feel they aren’t alone during their battles."

I am a double amputee and set a record sailing solo around the world

"I lost my arm, my leg and was financially ruined. But, somehow, that led me to a grand adventure," he told the Guinness Book of World Records.

'I was a Jane Doe': Amtrak crash mom's commute from hell

Ritter's body was hurled from the train with such force that her abdominal organs push through her diaphragm, up into her chest. Or what was left of it.

This is the terrifying view you'd see just before being eaten by a shark

Terrifying photos show the bone-chilling view you'll be met with if you're ever unfortunate enough to be eaten by a shark.

NYC's game-themed bars promise a 'summer of high fives and fist pumps'

Let the drinking games begin!