NYC smoke-shop worker shot while confronting robbers

The 35-year-old worker was inside the store on Orchard Street near East Houston Street on the Lower East Side around 10:30 p.m. when the trio wiped out about $12,000 in...

Watch rampaging youths ransack Philadelphia Wawa, twerk on counter

Dozens of out-of-control youths trashed a Wawa store in northeast Philadelphia Saturday night, video of the chaos shows.

Ski mask-wearing gunmen shoot and kill 17-year-old in the Bronx

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed by a group of masked suspects in the Bronx Sunday evening, police said.

A mayoral recall is murder-capital New Orleans' last chance

The “No LaToya” recall campaign may be New Orleans’ last chance to avoid reaching a tipping point.

US murder capital to use civilians as crime-scene 'detectives' as slayings spike

New Orleans is taking desperate measures to combat its soaring slay rate amid a severe police staffing shortage.

'Raise the Age' law is clearly behind soaring NYC teen shootings

In 2017, the Legislature raised the age of criminal responsibility to 18; now a NYPD analysis reveals that the number of teen shooters and victims in NYC has tripled in...

Woman nearly sexually assaulted after asking stranger for directions on subway

A woman who asked a stranger for directions at a Brooklyn subway station was attacked by him before MTA workers scared him away, cops say.

One killed and 5 others hurt in shootings across NYC

A 14-year-old boy was shot in Manhattan and two men were shot in Brooklyn late Saturday evening, according to police.

12-year-old Texas girl shoots dad in alleged plot with friend to kill their families

For weeks, the girl and her pal had planned the brutal murder plot, which included killing their families and even their pets before driving off together to Georgia.

Letters to the Editor — Sept. 25, 2022

New York Post readers sound off on the UN’s climate hypocrisy, the White House snubbing Orthodox journalists, the baloney suit against a bodega whose employee killed an ex-con in self-defense...