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Cost of living payment latest: DWP clarify when to expect next payment as nearly 6 million receive £150; plus money help

- Families’ mortgages set to soar by £1000s
- Bank of England steps in to save Brits’ pensions
- Warning house prices could fall by 15%

THE GOVERNMENT have confirmed that they have processed almost six million £150 Disability Cost of Living payments worth around £900 million.

The Government have said that the vast majority of eligible claimants who were due to receive the one-off £150 cost of living payment from the DWP by early October have now had their payment processed.

Meanwhile the DWP has clarified when people can expect the second payment after reports claimed it would land yesterday, stating that no date has been earmarked for when payments will drop.

It comes as Liz Truss' Energy Price Cap has come into force on Saturday.

The Energy Price Guarantee announced by Liz Truss, replaces the Ofgem price cap previously set at £1,971, which now increases to a maximum of £2,500 a year for most average UK households.

Read our cost of living live blog below for the latest updates....

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Roughly 6 million £150 Cost of Living payments available for disabled people

    Almost six million £150 Cost of Living payments worth around £900 million were distributed yesterday.

    The government announced on September 20 that those on disability benefits will receive the £150 immediately.

    Most of them will be paid out in early October.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Brits protest against cost of living crisis

    Many Brits have snapped as they struggle to pay their bills before winter’s cold snap comes into full swing.

    It has been reported that thousands of people turned out to protest in London, Edinburgh, Norwich and Eastbourne, among other areas.

    Sarah Golden, 52, protestor told the Guardian: “I felt so powerless, we can’t vote for example. I wanted to try to make a difference so decided to come here.”

    Members of Don’t Pay UK have taken to burning their utility bills.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Married at First Sight Jenna’s battle with alopecia

    Speaking to Heat World, Jenna Robinson opened up about her history with hair loss and how she manages it.

    Jenna told the publication: “I’ve dealt with alopecia since the age of 12, and I’m now 33, so to me, it’s not that big a deal.

    “But I’m sure that the representation will mean a lot to any young girls out there who suffer from alopecia and don’t feel confident or pretty.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Make sure you're switching off appliances properly

    Despite being a very simple tip it could save you some much needed cash.

    Make sure you've switched off your appliances properly as just by leaving computers, games consoles and security lights on standby could be costing you a small fortune.

    That's because they use a lot of energy even when you're not using them.

    Leaving these appliances on could be costing you more than £500 a year.

    Fridge freezers, tumble dryers and washing machines are among the list of worst appliances driving up your bills.

    Switch them off at the plug when you're not using them and use the energy saver mode settings.

  • Louis Allwood

    £15 food vouchers to be given out

    Thousands are set to get £15 cash help in the form of food vouchers this month to help pay for the rising cost of groceries.

    The support will be dished out under a new round of £421million funding given by the government to the Household Support Fund.

    West Northamptonshire Council has announced it will be handing out part of its £2.6million portion of cash in the form of food vouchers.

    The £15 vouchers will be given to low income households with children, to help pay for food during the October half term break.

    The council will be contacting schools in the local area, who will dish out the vouchers ahead of the holiday.

  • Louis Allwood

    Save money on pet grooming

    Visiting a professional dog groomer costs an average £43 or £258 per year for six visits, according to Vouchers.co.uk.

    Cut this cost by DIY grooming including regular brushing, nail clipping, cleaning around their eyes, trimming coats and occasional baths. 

    Check out YouTube for tips on caring for your specific breed’s coat, the General Pet Grooming and Go Groomer channels are a good place to start.

    Find cheap tools, like a Furminator deshedding tool, and there’s currently 25 per cent off at Pets at Home, costing from £19.50 depending on the size of the dog.

    Search Gumtree, eBay and Facebook marketplace for secondhand equipment and toys. 

  • Louis Allwood

    How to save money on your pets

    Save on pricey dog treats and snacks by making your own.

    Check Battersea Dogs and Cats home website for recipes using cupboard staples like flour, rolled oats, eggs, banana, honey and peanut butter.    

    Repurpose what you have at home for toys and bedding. An old duvet can make comfortable bedding so long as there’s enough padding and puppies love old tennis balls stuffed into a sock. 

  • Louis Allwood

    Take note of your usage

    Experts have warned that some bill payers remain confused over the energy price guarantee - and it could mean they're slapped with a bill sting this winter.

    Some customers think that £2,500 is the absolute maximum that you can be charged on your bill.

    But that's not the case - the cap is placed on what firms can charge customers for the unit price and standing charge per unit of energy.

    If you use more, you'll pay more, and if you use less, you'll pay less.

    Make sure you get to grips with your energy usage and keep regulating it to avoid paying more than you can afford.

    You can use MoneySavingExpert's new calculator to do this - you'll need your annual energy usage in kWh (you can find this on your bill usually) or enter your monthly spend.

    Entering your annual energy usage will show the most accurate results and you'll need to select your region too.

  • Louis Allwood

    Insulate your home to save money on bills

    Draught-proofing is one of the most effective ways to save energy and money.

    By blocking gaps that let cold air in and warm air out, you won't need to pop the heating on as high, or as long, when the cold weather hits.

    This is inexpensive to do - rolls of draught seal cost around £5 from DIY stores.

    A hot water cylinder jacket costs about £15, and you can fit one yourself at home without needing to be a dab hand at DIY.

  • Louis Allwood

    Investigate council help schemes

    Councils run a number of schemes to help struggling residents with bills and essentials.

    Under the Household Support Scheme, families can get cash payments and vouchers to help them get by.

    A new £421million pot of cash will be dished out among councils, and it will run from October this year until March next year.

    Each council decides how to dish out the help, and what support is available.

    To see what help is on offer in your area, contact your local council - you can find out who yours is by using the gov.uk authority tool checker.

    There's also welfare assistance schemes, although not all councils have one - and the help available varies so does the eligibility criteria.

    For instance, last year in East Riding of Yorkshire, you could get up to £1,000 to cover the cost of food, energy, bills and rent.

  • Louis Allwood

    Check your cost of living payments

    Millions of hard-up households have been given cost of living payments to help them get by.

    These payments have been dished out by the government so far:

    These payments will land in bank accounts later this year:

    • Second chunk of £650 cost of living payment worth £324 in autumn
    • £300 one-off "Pensioner Cost of Living Payment" paid from November

    You need to be in receipt of some benefits to qualify for each one - see more information in our handy explainer.

    If you haven't received the help but think you qualify, your payment could be delayed - check a number of reasons why here.

    You should contact the DWP for more information.

  • Louis Allwood

    Extra benefits help

    If you're eligible for Universal Credit, there might be other benefits you're entitled to.

    For example, if you have a long-term physical or mental health condition you could get a Personal Independence Payment.

    This is worth up to £7,500 a year if you get the maximum amount,

    Use a benefits calculator to check that you're getting all of the financial support you're eligible for.

  • Louis Allwood

    Liz Truss ‘stands by’ tax cuts

    Liz Truss today insisted she "stands by" her bumper tax cuts - but admitted she should have "laid the ground better" prior to the mini budget announcement.

    She told the BBC: "I do want to say to people, I understand their worries about what has happened this week. And I do.

    "I do stand by the package we announced and I stand by the fact that we announced it quickly because we had to work.

    "But I do accept we should have laid the ground better. I do accept that. I have learned from that.

    "And I will make sure that in future we do a better job of laying the ground."

  • Louis Allwood

    Cheaper internet and phone deals for those on Universal Credit

    Universal Credit claimants are entitled to cheaper internet deals, so you could save some money by switching.

    Currently there are eight social tariffs available from major providers and smaller companies.

    Eligibility can vary between them, as can speed, so it's worth checking before hand.

    The cheapest deal out there is from Community Fibre and costs £10 a month for 10mbps, but it's only available in London.

    BT, Hyperoptic and Virgin Media offer the next best prices at £15.

    You can find more details on other deals and how to apply here.

  • Louis Allwood

    How to save money on electricity bills

    Using your appliances at certain times of the day can cost less money if you're on a special tariff.

    Some customers are on tariffs where energy costs less during the night compared to the day.

    These are called "time of use tariffs", or Economy 7 or 10 tariffs.

    You'll only make the savings if you keep to using your appliances during these strict timeframes.

    It means that you have to commit to using most of your energy at night to get lower energy bills.

    Exactly when you should run your appliances at night will vary depending on when your suppliers' off peak hours are.

    Each supplier chooses their own Economy 7 times.

    For example, Bulb's special tariff hours vary across the country - so you'll need to check your contract for exact times - but off-peak hours are usually somewhere between 10pm and 8am.

  • Louis Allwood

    Council tax discount avaliable for those on Universal Credit

    Universal Credit claimants could get help with their council tax bills - and in some cases you could get a 100% discount.

    Each council runs its own reduction scheme so how much your discount is worth depends on where you live.

    Your circumstances will also have an effect on your discount, such as your earnings, households income, number of children you have and how many people live with you.

    Your residency status and what benefits you're entitled to will also have an impact.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    More than 60 kittens handed to RSCPA Worcester each week

    The cost of living crisis has hit pet owners, who are no longer able to keep their beloved animals due to food and vet bills.

    RSCPA Worcester has been inundated with homeless kittens, the Evesham Journal reported.

    Volunteer Claire Wood told the publication: “As a charity we’re seeing more and more pregnant female cats - barely more than a year old themselves - coming into our care, as well as litters of unwanted and abandoned kittens and uneutered male cats who are battered and bruised as a result of fighting and straying."

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Roughly 6 million £150 Cost of Living payments available for disabled people

    Almost six million £150 Cost of Living payments worth around £900 million were distributed yesterday.

    The government announced on September 20 that those on disability benefits will receive the £150 immediately.

    Most of them will be paid out in early October.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Martin Lewis issues warning to those paying energy bills via direct debit

    From this weekend onwards, bills will have rise by 10p per kilowatt hour of gas and 34p per kilowatt hour of electricity.

    The money saving expert warned consumers that they should submit meter readings to lower their energy costs.

    He wrote on Twitter: "WARNING: It's #MeterReadingWeek. On Sat most energy bills rise 27%".

    Martin uploaded a video too, in which he said: "If you pay by direct debit, firms estimate your use and they also estimate when it's used, so you don't want them to assign more of your units to the more expensive period.

    "How do you stop that? You submit a meter reading. Take a picture, too, so you have evidence."

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    More than 100,000 angry Brits take to the streets in protest

    Rail workers across the UK are striking, as well as protesters from the Enough is Enough movement as Brits are fed up with the cost of living.

    Enough is Enough claimed more than 100,000 Brits have protested this weekend.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    How much are energy bills going up by?

    Saturday marked an increase in the price of energy bills for millions of homes, despite government support to cap costs.

    Politicians were forced to intervene after an 80 percent increase in gas and electricity bills ahead of this winter.

    A standard bill has gone up from £1,971 to £2,500.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Free debt advice

    If you’re in debt there are plenty of services you can take advantage of and they offer free advice on how to manage debt.

    Most of them can offer you free guidance and help in person, over the telephone or online.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Liz Truss admits mini budget mistakes

    The Prime Minister said she "should have laid the ground better" after the pound plummeted.

    Speaking today, Liz said that she has "learnt from that" after she announced tax cuts.

    She then said that the removal of the top rate of income tax was "a decision that the chancellor made."

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Cut back on Kettle use to save on bills

    According to experts, a kettle will cost £98 a year to run from today.

    Gareth from Uswitch recommends using a hob when you can.

    “Water boiled on a gas hob is cheaper than boiling it in a kettle, however it is significantly less convenient,” he said.

    Click here for more bill tips.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Cost of living crisis is making children 'stressed and anxious'

    Save the Children has revealed that youngsters in the UK are worried as their parents struggle to afford the cost of living.

    According to a poll for the charity, 24 per cent of parents have agreed their children are "stressed and anxious".

    One in three said their children can't take part in activities like hobbies and sports as costs rise reported the Express.