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Emmerdale latest: Fans react to ‘incredible’ secret behind 50th anniversary trailer; plus Corrie & EastEnders news

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EMMERDALE fans were left amazed after a "clever" secret behind their 50th anniversary trailer was revealed leaving many fans wanting a slice.

Emmerdale is fast approaching its 50th anniversary and they released a brilliant trailer yesterday giving fans a glimpse at the upcoming episodes.

However fans were left drooling after Emmerdale officials revealed that the cake of the set in the trailer was in fact real.

One fan said: "So Clever Can’t wait to see these eps."

A second added: "The design on the characters was incredible!! Bring on the 50th birthday."

Read our soap spoilers blog below for the latest storylines & gossip..

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Emmerdale viewers annoyed as Liv Flaherty ditches husband Vinny

    Emmerdale fans are all saying the same thing after Liv Flaherty ditched husband Vinny.

    And the worst thing is she did it because he was trying to expose mum Sandra’s despicable behaviour.

    One wrote: “so Liv hated her mum & loved Vinny then in the space of 2.5 milliseconds she does a total about turn.”

    A second said: “Wow, #Liv really?!”

    Another added: “Livs gonna regret finishing with vinny.”

    Click here to read more.

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale star quits soap

    Emmerdale’s Isobel Steele has sensationally quit the ITV soap, to focus on music, and will be killed off in dramatic scenes later this month.

    The actress, who scooped Best Young Actor at the 2018 British Soap Awards, bows out as Emmerdale marks its 50th anniversary.

    A source revealed: “It’s been a big decision for Isobel but she’s ready to try new things.

    “She feels like she’s done all she can at Emmerdale and wants to focus on her music career and make a real go of it. Bosses have pulled out all the stops for the 50th anniversary month and Isobel’s exit will be no different.

    “Viewers are going to be on the edge of their seats as it all plays out and Liv is killed off. It’s a real heartbreaker, a death fans will remember for a long time to come.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Who has been nominated for serial drama performance award for the NTA’s?

    Emmerdale’s villain, Paige Sandhu has been nominated after playing Meena Jutla.

    EastEnders’ Rose Ayling Ellis has been nominated for playing her role of Frankie Lewis.

    Mark Charnock has managed to get Emmerdale a nomination for playing the loved role of Marlon Dingle.

    Corrie miss out on a nomination as Gillian Wright brings in a second nomination for EastEnders for her role as Jean Slater.

  • Louis Allwood

    Voting still open for NTA’s

    Voting is still open for the NTA’s and soap fans can get voting for their favourites.

    As always the serial drama award will see Corrie, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Neighbours battle it out.

  • Louis Allwood

    Corrie legend joins I’m A Celebrity All Stars

    Corrie fans will remember Helen Flanagan, who shot to fame playing Cobbles legend Rosie Webster.

    Flanagan would go on to make her name in a series of hit shows, but many Brits will know her from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

    Now, it has been revealed that she is set to return for I’m A Celebrity… All Stars, a series that brings back some of the show’s most iconic contestants.

  • Louis Allwood

    Freddie Slater furious after learning real dad is evil Graham Foster

    EastEnders’ Freddie Slater was furious to learn from Phil Mitchell that Billy is not his father after making a shock return on Wednesday night.

    Freddie was just a baby when fan favourite Little Mo left the show in 2006.

    Phil’s devastating revelation led to Freddie getting drunk and lashing out at the Mitchells and the Slaters for lying to him all of his life.

    After his mate Bobby Beale calmed him down, Billy explained what happened to him and Mo before stopping himself from explaining that his real dad is Graham Foster, who raped Freddie’s mother in 2003.

    Billy added that it was down to his mother to tell him who his real dad is.

  • Louis Allwood

    EastEnders car used on set sells for over £20k

    A Ford Capri owned by an EastEnders legend and seen in the soap has smashed its predicted price at an auction.

    The black Capri, a 2.8litre injection model from 1982, which was driven by Shane Richie’s character Alfie Moon in the BBC One show, appeared between 2010 and 2016.

    The car was up for auction on September 24 with a guide price of £12,000 to £15,000.

    It smashed that though and was eventually sold by Classic Car Auctions, a sister company of Silverstone Auctions, for a sizeable £20,025.

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale fans blown away by storm trailer

    Fans have reacted to the upcoming storyline where the village sees destruction on the show’s 50 anniversary.

    Excited fans discussed the upcoming storyline on Twitter.

    One wrote: “This trailer look [fire emoji] hope this episodes live up to it now.”

    “The trailer looks insane Roll on the 50th birthday looking forward to watching it,” a fan said, another wrote: “This looks INSANE! Can’t wait for the October episodes to air.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Joe Frost had TV past before Corrie

    Coronation Street viewers may recognise actor Joe Frost from a previous reality show stint.

    And the star, who played Leo Thompkins, on the ITV soap has a link to Gary Barlow as a result.

    That's because Joe appeared on BBC One reality show Let It Shine back in 2017.

    The series, fronted by Gary, saw a panel putting together a boy band to appear in musical, The Band, which featured the songs of Take That.

  • Louis Allwood

    Where to get your daily fix of soap spoilers

    Keep up to date with Britain’s favourite soap dramas right here on thesun.co.uk.

  • Louis Allwood

    Tim goes behind Sally's back

    The two have built an unlikely friendship over the recent weeks, and Tim offers Aggie support as her son, James, leaves the Cobbles.

    Tim enlists his friend to help him buy his wife Sally a present for their upcoming wedding anniversary.

    But, when Aggie returns from the shopping trip, she lies to her husband where she has been and says she has been with a girlfriend for lunch.

    Why would Aggie lie over something so innocent?

  • Louis Allwood

    Freddie Slater discovers the truth about his criminal father

    Freddie Slater's return to Albert Square has brought chaos into EastEnders, as he tries desperately to form a relationship with his dad.

    EastEnders' Freddie believes that Billy Mitchell is his real dad, and he insists on building a relationship with him, which Billy goes along with, refusing to tell Freddie the truth about his real father.

    Freddie's mother, Little Mo Slater, was raped by Graham Foster, resulting in her pregnancy with Freddie.

    Much to Freddie's horror, Phil Mitchell revealed the disturbing news on Friday night, causing confusion and upset for Freddie, who believed Billy was his real dad for 19 years.

    Billy tells Freddie in an emotional heart to heart, that he must talk to his mother about his real father, could this bring about the long awaited return of Little Mo?

  • Louis Allwood

    Pictured: Inside Elle Mulvaney’s stunning family home

    The actress, 20, has an epic home boasting huge chandeliers, a winding staircase and a glamorous bedroom.

    When the soap star is not on set or playing the mischievous daughter of Tracy Barlow, she can unwind in her stylish abode.

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale fans react to secret behind 50th anniversary trailer

    Emmerdale fans were let in on a little secret as to how producers made the 50th anniversary trailer.

    Emmerdale's official twitter account revealed that it was in fact a real cake that was used in the trailer that was released yesterday.

    One fan said: "The attention to detail is amazing."

    A second added: "The design on the characters was incredible!! Bring on the 50th birthday."

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Corrie spoilers: Stu’s name could finally be cleared of murder

    Coronation Street’s Stu is finally about to experience some hope as his murder case is settled.

    Later this week, Alya becomes suspicious that Stu’s former wife Lucy could have been the guilty party in Charlie’s death, according to Digital Spy.

    Alya deploys sneaky tactics to retrieve Lucy’s DNA, and arranges for it to be checked against historic evidence from the murder case.

    What will happen next? Tune in to Corrie next week to find out.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    EastEnders spoilers: What is Alfie’s big secret?

    Alfie Moon’s return to EastEnders has delighted many fans as he vows to get his ex-wife Kat Slater back.

    But according to Digital Spy, the chances of a reunion are slim as Alfie is hiding a big secret.

    What has he done now? Find out this month.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Corrie spoilers: Ken and Wendy’s relationship displeases Tracy

    Ken and his old flame Wendy are bonding in Coronation Street, much to Tracy’s displeasure.

    According to Digital Spy, they will agree to become romantic companions, but how will Tracy respond?

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    EastEnders: Lola caught in scary robbery

    Lola Pearce is going to be leaving the show soon, could this be her big exit?

    After Jonah has been exposed to Phil Mitchell, he realises his steam of income from Sam is soon going to diminish.

    Himself and his cronies decide to steal money out of the safe at Peggy's, but when they arrive at the scene they find Lola in the office.

    They force her to open the safe, as she tries to break free and escape the bar.

    Will she be able to make it out alive?

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Emmerdale: Nicola King makes Naomi row progress

    Naomi revealed that she was involved with the girls who attacked Nicola, but she didn’t participate in the beating.

    She said: “I lost every ounce of dignity I had. Now, you swan in here, telling me you’ve done the right thing.

    “You are nothing but a spineless bully who’s been squirming because they’ve been caught out.

    “You don’t get to get out of it that easily. I want you to suffer like I suffered… I am going to enjoy watching every minute of it.”

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    EastEnders spoilers: Nish returns to Walford

    EastEnders’ Suki’s ex-husband and father to Kheerat, Vinny, and Ash, Nish, will be arriving in Walford with a stash of devastating secrets.

    The news was confirmed by Digital Spy, and in a further revelation, Ravi will be coming to Albert Square too, as the truth about Ravi’s paternity casts a dark cloud over the Panesars.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Hollyoaks: Sid Sumner returns to come to James Nightingale's rescue

    James Nightingale was thrown into a coffin and the door was slammed shut by The Undertaker after he tried to report her to the police.

    He was left trapped, but after an explosion rocked the village, he was able to make an escape.

    James escapes the coffin but the horror doesn't end there, because he becomes trapped in the rubble.

    Will Sid be able to get James out?

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Where to get your daily fix of soap spoilers

    Keep up to date with Britain’s favourite soap dramas right here on thesun.co.uk.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Coronation Street's Todd Boyce in awe of former villain actor

    Todd Boyce plays Corrie's new cold blooded killer, after pushing Leo Thompkins off the factory roof and into a bin.

    Speaking on his character's disturbing development, he said on Lorraine: "God, I mean, Connor McIntyre, I’m just so in awe of him, who played Pat Phelan.

    "And then Brian Capron, you know, Richard Hillman, and I’m just so honoured that Iain MacLeod phoned me out of the blue and said, 'hey, do you want to come in?' And I thought, what an honour.

    "I’m 61 and it’s great that someone believes in me enough to say, 'you can do that'."

    Credit: PA:Press Association
  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Corrie: Aaron punches Paul in heated altercation

    Paul accuses Aaron of giving Summer drugs, and grabs him by the arms, causing Aaron to swing him a punch.

    Aaron's father has also been abusive towards the teen, who has had enough of being pushed around.

    Will Paul take matters into his own hands and report Aaron for giving Summer drugs?

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    EastEnders: Fans notice major Lola exit hint

    It was confirmed months ago that Lola's character will be exiting the show at some point by actress Danielle Harold.

    So far it is understood that Lola Pearce will leave the show under tragic circumstances as she discovers she has brain cancer.

    Lola recently complained of a headache, and fans already know what is to come.

    One tweeted: "Lola saying she has a headache this story is gonna be devastating, I really hope they don’t rush it #EastEnders."

    "Lola starting to get headaches….damn it i’m not ready for her to be killed off," another agreed.

    Lola Pearce set for shock exit as actress Danielle Harold confirms she is leaving the BBC showCredit: BBC