Damian Lillard started brazenly recruiting Kevin Durant with an Instagram photo edit

We are less than a week away from free agency and the madness is picking up.

Popular questions include — who will sign where? And, which players might be traded. More specifically, what is going to happen with the Brooklyn Nets?

Kyrie Irving’s future is up in the air, thus leading to Kevin Durant’s possibly being in a similar state. As a result, people are putting their (faux) bids in — fans are putting players into their favorite teams’ jerseys and also putting ESPN’s trade machine to use.

However, one jersey swap stands above them all. That is Damian Lillard’s photo that he posted to his Instagram story of him and KD (in a Portland Trail Blazers jersey) appearing next to one another.

Is Dame doing a little recruiting on the off chance that Durant becomes available for trade? Sure seems like it. And until we know more, we’ll just assume that’s all that this is.

NBA free agency begins on Thursday, June 30th at 6 pm ET. Get your popcorn ready.

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