After four years and a series of long delays, Digimon Survive is finally here. Though some series fans may be a little unhappy with a few of the creative decisions that were made by the development team, the general consensus seems to be that it's one of the better Digimon games in recent memory. The game's visual novel elements are executed incredibly well and the combat system should have enough depth to keep players engaged for the duration of the main story.

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Where Digimon Survive really shines, however, is through its more mature narrative, which is far darker than any of the series' previous installments. The choices players make can have devastating consequences, encouraging them to think about how each decision might affect the game's protagonists. This guide will aim to make that all a little clearer, while also providing information about befriending new Digimon, Digivolution, and tracking down all of the game's collectibles.