It's been a long and strange road for Crystal Dynamics with its live service title, Marvel's Avengers. Despite launching to mixed critical and commercial reception back in 2020, the studio continued to work on the title through updates and additional content. This included limited time events, purchasable cosmetics, and even heroes like Hawkeye and Kate Bishop that continued to push the game's narrative forward through smaller content packs.


Eventually, Crystal Dynamics launched a big expansion set in Wakanda with Black Panther last year, which quickly became a bright spot for the title. Even though Crystal Dynamics has since been sold by Square Enix to the Embracer Group and the studio has moved on to new projects such as helping The Initiative with the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot, Marvel's Avengers continues to get new content periodically including new heroes like Spider-Man, and the upcoming Jane Foster's Mighty Thor.

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Back in April, Crystal Dynamics updated Marvel's Avengers fans with what's to come for the live service title including the arrival of The Mighty Thor ahead of her upcoming debut in the MCU movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. Now, the latest blog post reveals more of what fans can expect including a look at three cosmetic options and what inspired them.

The first look is known as the Iconic Outfit which is designed to look Asgardian and reflect similarly to Thor's general design. However, while Thor Odinson is meant to appear regal, the team opted for a more warrior style for Jane Foster's default costume complete with wing-shaped mask.

The Mighty Outfit is designed to reflect her more recent comic style look which started in Thor #1 back in 2014 through artist Russell Dauterman. The iconic red cape is met with a strong Norse-style look through leather, metal, and winged helmet and boots.

Next up is the Valkyrie Outfit from the same comics run, where she evolved from The Mighty Thor to Valkyrie. Staying true to the comics design from Russell Dauterman, Jane is outfited in blue cloth, metal armor, and the All Weapon known as Undrjarn.

The final Marvel's Avengers look takes inspiration from Jane's original Thordis appearance in the 1977 comic, What If? #10. The outfit retains the classic costume look with winged helmet, bodysuit, and golden boots. However, Crystal Dynamics added a few modern touches including embossing detail and an extended loincloth.

Fans will be able to take the Mighty Thor out for a spin starting next week on June 28 and players are hopeful there is more to come. While various leaks and rumors have indicated more heroes could be on the horizon, Crystal Dynamics has already confirmed that MODOK is on the way in a new Warzone, followed by being an Omega Level Threat event.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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