Charlie White, better known to audiences by his Twitch handle MoistCr1TiKal, is known for having fairly blunt takes when it comes to drama on the platform, and it was no different when addressing the recent controversies surrounding fellow streamer Mizkif. It follows what has been a chaotic several days between the stream gambling debate, Slicker allegedly scamming viewers and streamers, sexual assault allegations toward CrazySlick, which Mizkif is accused of helping cover-up, and Twitch's own platform changes to advertising and revenue splits. However, MoistCr1TiKal's focus was solely on Mizkif in this situation, and how he feels Mizkif's apology only makes his ongoing controversies worse.


MoistCr1TiKal spoke about Mizkif's apology, which was posted as a TwitLonger on September 20, while streaming shortly after Mizkif shared the apology on his personal Twitter. While reading the post, Moist didn't hold back and started by criticizing Mizkif's choice of language multiple times in the post and picked out several lines of dialogue highlighting this criticism. Moist followed this by saying Mizkif's apology and language came across as attempting to downplay the severity of the accusations levied against himself and Slick.

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One example Moist pulled read "sexual harassment, regardless of degree," which he felt argued was Mizkif's way of trying to downplay the accusations. First is by referring to Slick's accusations as sexual harassment and not sexual assault as it has repeatedly been described by Slick's accuser and fellow streamer Adrianah Lee. Moist then points out how strange he finds the use of "regardless of degree," saying it appears to imply "there are different levels of a sexual assault."

Following the criticism from Moist and others on social media, Mizkif responded to the original post by saying the sexual harassment he was referring to was Slick's interactions with women on Discord, while Adrianah Lee was a victim of sexual assault.

As mentioned, Moist has a history of blunt criticism when speaking on matters regarding Twitch, content creation, his fellow creators, and the general drama surrounding creators. Viewers need only look at his own criticism of Twitch's newly announced revenue split and advertising changes to see how harsh he can be, though he does inject a degree of humor depending on the situation. Mizkif's apology did not appear to be one of those cases, though, which is not surprising given the severity of the accusations toward Mizkif and CrazySlick.

It remains to be seen where things will fall with Mizkif and what his immediate future may hold, especially within OTK. It was announced shortly before his apology that Mizkif would be taking an indefinite leave from the organization he co-founded with streamers including Asmongold and Esfand. The organization has also brought in a third-party investigator to look into Slick's accusations and Mizkif's possible role in covering them up, though it will likely be some time before any information is released.

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Source: Dexerto