[UPDATE: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Have announced that Justin "Jayne Conry" has been found and is safe. Original story follows.]

The massive success of Overwatch saw the rise of many of the game's dedicated streamers becoming some of the biggest talents on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Streamers like xQc saw massive notoriety for playing the Blizzard shooter and, while the game's popularity has declined in recent years, it maintains a passionate fanbase. Among the plethora of creators to gain popularity thanks to the game, Justin "Jayne" Conroy was a hit among fans for his educational content helping players to improve at the game.


Jayne's early success with educational Overwatchstreams eventually helped to cement his status as one of its top minds. Jayne would coach Team Canada to a third-place finish in the Overwatch World Cup in 2018 with the content creator later going on to serve as an assistant coach for the Overwatch League's Dallas Fuel. While Jayne has since stepped away from streaming, many fans fondly remember the creator from his days with the game. Now, fans are concerned as a recent report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reveals Jayne was recently reported missing.

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A missing person report posted by the Alberta RCMP shows a Justin Conroy in Airdrie, Alberta listed as missing with Overwatch fans quickly realizing that the person pictured was in fact Jayne. The report states that the last time Jayne was seen was on Monday, June 20 leaving his home at 2 AM. A further report from the Airdrie RCMP details his clothes, wearing a light-colored hoodie and sweatpants along with blue-striped white shoes. The post urges anyone who may have seen him to contact the RCMP via the provided phone number or website.

Jayne's apparent disappearance left an impact on fans who came out with their well-wishes, both on Reddit and in replies to the RCMP's Twitter post. Fans on Twitter quickly moved to spread the report through Overwatch-related channels, tagging professional Overwatch teams as well as organizations associated with the game. While Jayne has not been actively involved in the Overwatch community for several years, a Reddit post about his disappearance worked its way to the top of the Overwatch subreddit.

While many feel Overwatch's popularity has dwindled since its highly-anticipated 2016 release, the lead-up to Overwatch 2 seems to prove otherwise. Overwatch 2's "Beta Bash" event in April became the most-viewed Overwatch stream in Twitch history and streamers like xQc set personal records streaming the game's PvP beta. Hopefully, the outpouring of support from the Overwatch community will aid the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in finding Jayne quickly and healthy.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

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