How do I download the Telegraph app?

This guide will cover how to download the Telegraph app

Downloading the Telegraph app is very simple and to make it even easier we have included some instructions for you to use below.

Please note, you may have to update your operating system to use the latest version of the app. The app is compatible with Android OS 5 or above, and iOS 10 or above. You can find our guide to updating your operating system here.

How to download

To download the Telegraph app go to your device app store and search ‘The Telegraph UK’.

If you are already on your smart device, use the following links to take you to our Telegraph app:

Once you are in the app store, click the ‘Install’ button. This will start the download of our Telegraph app on your phone or tablet. 

Explore the Telegraph app

Once the app has completed the download, launch the app as you normally would from your device's home-screen.

Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom right hand corner and tap ‘Manage account’. From here you can log in to your account. You can find our helpful guide on how to log in here.

Once you are logged in you can stay informed throughout the day with the ‘Latest’ news section, and our daily newspaper in the ‘Newspaper’ section.

Do you have any questions?

To help with any further questions, we’ve created a dedicated FAQs page, to answer the most common subscriber questions about the app.