Andorstar Fiona Shaw loved saying that "reckoning" line and reveals some insight into its real meaning. Premiering September 21 on Disney+ with three episodes, the Rogue One prequel series begins five years before the spinoff film as the Rebel Alliance is beginning to form in opposition to the Galactic Empire. The events of Andor are set in motion by Diego Luna's titular character killing two Pre-Mor Authority officers on the planet Morlana One, which catches the attention of the ambitious Deputy Inspector, Syril Karn, who is determined to solve the case.


While the events of Andor are mainly set five years before Rogue One, the prequel series also features flashbacks to Cassian's childhood on his home world of Kenari when he was known as Kassa. While investigating a crashed Republic ship, Cassa is discovered by two scavengers, Maarva and her husband, Clem, who take him in as an adopted son. At the end of Andor episode 3, the Pre-Mor Authority raids Maarva's home on Ferrix looking to capture Cassian, though the townsfolk aren't having it, and they cause a racket in a show of solidary and an attempt to intimate the officers. Maarva responds by taunting the officers in her home, telling them, “That’s what a reckoning sounds like.”

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During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shaw said she loved saying the fan-favorite "reckoning" line and revealed some insight into what it means, too. According to the Andor star, the line represents how "Maarva has been in these moments before," as "her family had been punished quite unfairly by the Empire." Read what she shared below:

I enjoyed that because what was also written in it is this feeling that Maarva has been in these moments before, the same way somebody might remember the 1960s and when the revolution died. She is somebody who remembers previous turbulence. Her family had been punished quite unfairly by the Empire, and I think she really does enjoy what a reckoning sounds like. When it gets quiet is when you really have to worry. She’s referring to the silence before a storm.

The line, “That’s what a reckoning sounds like,” was first heard in an Andor trailer, but now, audiences have gotten to experience it in its full context. Elevated by great delivery from the Killing Eve star, the line really hits home because of its prescience. It acknowledges the townsfolk's willingness to stand against the Pre-Mor Authority, which works for the Empire, and hints at the rebellion to come, especially with Cassian and Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) having escaped.

The first two Andor episodes set the stage for Cassian to join the Rebel Alliance and episode 3's ending is a real turning point for the character. Unfortunately, Ferrix’s reckoning against the Pre-Mor Authority will likely cause the Empire to forcefully retaliate against the planet. If so, this would push Cassian further down a path of Rebellion, especially if he loses someone close to him, like Maarva. Only time will tell as Andor airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

Source: THR