Jonathan Bailey discusses Anthony's role in Bridgerton season 3. While Bailey has played Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton sibling, since season 1, it was in season 2 that he emerged as one of the two romantic leads. The recent season, which was released in March, explored Anthony's complicated dynamic with the Sharma sisters as he pursued a relationship with Edwina while trying to keep his feelings for Kate at bay. Though there were many bumps in the road along the way, season 2 ended with Kate and Anthony happily married and looking forward to their future together.

This closure has led many viewers to wonder about Kate and Anthony's roles in Bridgerton season 3. Luckily, both Bailey and Simone Ashley, who plays Kate, are confirmed to return. However, with the upcoming season set to focus on Colin and Penelope's love story, it's unclear how big their roles will be. For her part, Ashley feels there's plenty more to explore, revealing she's eager to see Anthony and Kate as partners tackling life and taking care of the Bridgerton household together.


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In an interview with TheWrap, Bailey shared his enthusiasm for Colin and Penelope's love story taking center stage in Bridgerton season 3. He also teased what role Anthony may play in their romance. Check out his comment below:

I think it’s great. I’ve experienced supporting Phoebe [Dynevor as Daphne in season 1] and loved that and I’ve experienced supporting Simone as she came in and Charithra [Chandran] and having that amazing experience. And yeah, I can’t wait. And I’ll be so proud to watch Luke [Newton] take over the Bridgerton baton. And yeah, I couldn’t wish for anything else. And also, it’s really important to be there because obviously, [Anthony’s] the older bro, but to make space and to make sure that they have their amazing sweeping love story as well.

Bailey smartly avoids discussing specific story details from Bridgerton season 3, likely because the cast is only just now getting ready to film the new episodes. This means season 3 is at least several months away from streaming and may not even release until 2023. With the show's return that far in the future, it makes sense that Bridgerton's stars want to maintain some air of mystery. Still, Bailey's comment does offer a hint at what viewers can expect for Anthony in season 3.

For one, it sounds like Anthony will be part of Colin's support system as he goes through his likely tumultuous romance with Penelope. This will be an interesting contrast to Anthony's role in season 1, where he claimed to support Daphne and her desires but spent much of the season belittling her instead. There's an opportunity for Anthony's behavior towards Colin in Bridgerton season 3 to show the growth he experienced in season 2 through his relationship with Kate. Still, it seems Bailey is happy to take a step back in the new season and allow Colin and Penelope's love story to shine. With Kate and Anthony established as a fan favorite couple, hopefully, Bridgerton is able to find a balance of further exploring their relationship while also focusing on the show's new romance.

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