Screen Rant can exclusively reveal the official trailer and key art for the upcoming thriller Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders, which arrives in theaters and on digital on October 21. The project comes from SP Media Group, which has partnered with Paramount, and stars an array of talents such as Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jon Voight. Sean McNamara (who rose to prominence as a producer on Even Stevens) directed from a screenplay by Brian Buccellato, who is best known for his excellent work on DC Comics titles such as The Flash.


Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders tells the story of a warped family reunion, which sees several members gather together after a long time apart in order for some fun and games. But those games—specifically one board game after which the movie is named—soon turn deadly when the guests are trapped inside until they win. Aside from Meyers and Voight, the movie also stars Will Sasso, Laura Mennell, Megan Charpentier, Kaya Coleman, Skyler Shaye, Dylan Playfair, and Bradley Stryker.

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Screen Rant presents the official trailer for Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders, provided by SP Media Group. Despite the joyful reason for a reunion, a birthday for the patriarch of the family, the climate and music both help to create a sense of foreboding. Once a few characters refuse to play the designated "fun" board game, however, the story takes a much darker turn and the protagonists realize this is no laughing matter. Watch the full trailer here:

The trailer already suggests that not every character will make it out alive, and many won't make it out intact. But who wins, and who has crafted the terrifying plan, has yet to be revealed. Horror fans may find echoes of classic films such as Saw in the trailer, or notes of more recent hits like Ready Or Not, which will hopefully entice them to add this newest thriller to their collection.

About Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders

Check out the chilling key art for Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders as well, which highlights the isolation of the home in which the takes place and brings the lurking danger to the forefront.

The film is rated R for strong violence, gore, and language. The official synopsis is below:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Vikings) and Academy Award® Winner Jon Voight (Coming Home) star in this nail-bitingly suspenseful thriller filled with twists and turns. A family reunion at a remote mansion takes a lethal turn when they are trapped inside and forced to play a deadly survival game where only one will make it out alive.

Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murderswill arrive in select theaters on October 21, as well as on digital.