With Halloween just around the corner, Paramount+ has announced the return of its horror-packed "Peak Screaming" hub. Ever since it rebranded itself from CBS All Access to Paramount+, the streaming service has been seeking new ways to build up its subscriber base. Paramount+ is best known as the home for Star Trek content, but this fall it will be offering far more than sci-fi adventures.

Paramount+ announces Peak Screaming officially returned on September 22, and that the collection features more than double the content it did in 2021. The thematic library will bring all the service's horror-related films and TV shows into one place, sorting them into sub-genres and discovery carousels to help users find their favorite creepy offerings. There will also be a selection of brand-new content for subscribers to view, such as the premieres of brand-new films Monster High The Movie on October 6 and Significant Other on October 7, as well as a special Halloween episode of Ghosts on October 27.


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Between classics like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream, plus newer frights like Orphan: First Kill, Paramount+ has plenty of offerings for all kinds of horror fans. That the Peak Screaming hub is available as of right now shows how much viewers crave Halloween content; it isn't even October, yet the scares are already starting. With Netflix and Disney+ poised to offer their own spooky offerings in the coming weeks, Paramount+'s effort aims to pull viewers in by keeping everything perfectly grouped together. Horror fans should have a very good fall.

Source: Paramount+