Former The Real Housewives of Orange Countystar Meghan King's restraining order against her ex-husband Jim Edmonds has reportedly been dropped. Meghan and Jim tied the knot in 2014 but split in 2019 after their union experienced multiple controversies. In June 2019, Jim was accused of sending inappropriate pictures to another woman. He was also alleged to have shared a video of himself masturbating on the day Meghan gave birth to their twin sons, Haye and Hart. Meghan also accused her ex-husband of having an affair with their 22-year-old nanny. However, Jim denied the allegations. The former couple finalized their divorce in May 2021 but has remained in the news for several reasons.


Meghan and Jim's co-parenting relationship has deteriorated since their divorce was finalized. Earlier in the month, reports emerged that the former RHOC star filed a temporary restraining order against Jim. According to the reports, Meghan filed the restraining order in June, alleging that Jim verbally abused her. However, Jim's representative, Steve Honig, responded to Meghan's restraining order request by saying it was completely baseless. Steve also said her filing made an absolute mockery of the pain suffered by the millions of women in the country who are legitimate abuse victims.

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Nearly two weeks after news of Meghan's file for a restraining order against Jim made headlines, reports have emerged that the request has been removed. Peopleconfirmed that Meghan's attorney dismissed the two orders of protection she filed against Jim. Besides the restraining order, the reality television star also filed a child protective order but has now dismissed both of them. In addition to the dismissal, it was revealed that a consent order has now been entered into Meghan and Jim's previously finalized divorce case.

In a statement, Meghan said, "As I continue to heal I've become enlightened and more aware of what I've been through and how to handle it. Let's just say I'll remain protected and safe with a binding document not accessible to the public." Jim's representative, Steve, also spoke in the aftermath of the dismissal. He said Jim looks forward to putting all the drama behind him as he begins a new life with his fiancée Kortnie O'Connor while focusing on his children's needs. Steve also said Meghan did not need protective orders because there was no threat.

Meghan's dismissal of her previously filed request for a restraining order against Jim and her statement afterward shows she and her ex-husband have resolved their differences privately. It also shows the former couple is keen on resolving their differences and working together to benefit their three kids: Aspen, 5, Hart, 4, and Hayes, 4. With the drama now behind them, fans hope The Real Housewives of Orange Countyalum Meghan and her ex-husband Jim will now have a peaceful co-parenting relationship and move on with their lives.

Source: People