The new trailer for Sharp Stick sees Jon Bernthal having an affair with his babysitter. Sharp Stick is a dramatic comedy written and directed by Lena Dunham, the award-winning creator of Girls. Aside from Bernthal, the cast includes Kristine Froseth, Scott Speedman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Taylour Paige, and Dunham. While Sharp Stick is a dramedy, it toys with a potentially controversial plot that explores a young women's journey through an employer/employee relationship.

Utopia shared the trailer for Sharp Stick, highlighting the film's plot and intense performances. Following Froseth's Sarah Jo, the trailer wastes no time in establishing the 26-year-old's naivety around the subject of sex, seeing her shocked by the results of an internet search. Showing her living situation with her mom and sister, Sarah Jo then explains her crush on her boss (Bernthal), which she attempts to pursue. While he is initially hesitant, the two end up having an affair, which looks to spiral into life lessons on love, loss, and sex. Check out the trailer for Sharp Stick below:


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Dunham has been praised for her unique ability to blend humor and drama with deep characterization, which Sharp Stick looks to continue in a distinct way. And while the story of a married man having an affair with a babysitter is nothing new, Dunham's sensibilities give the trailer a feeling of hope and humor rather than playing on the idea for pure controversy. Sharp Stick will open in limited release starting on July 29 before expanding nationwide on August 5 for audiences looking to see the film.

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Source: Utopia

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