Warning! Minor spoilers for DC Vs. Vampires!

As darkness continues to spread through the DC Universe, Supergirl doing whatever it takes to combat the undead. A cover for DC vs. Vampires #9 shows Kara taking up arms in order to stave off a legion of ghouls.

A wave of vampirism has overtaken the DCU in the horrific maxiseries. Led by the Vampire King Dick Grayson, the shining world full of heroes has plunged into an empire of the damned. Gone are the allegiances of old. The only divide in society is those who have turned and those clinging to their humanity. Superman has taken on a new form as a vampire, giving the Vampire Kingdom an insanely powerful weapon to help them subjugate the rest of the mortal world. Despite the overwhelming odds, there's still a cache of non-vampiric heroes and villains willing to do what they must in order to take back control from the undead.


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In that spirit, a cover for an upcoming issue of DC vs. Vampires (posted by League of Comic Geeks) is presenting a few heroes in a new light as they take on the apocalypse. Illustrated by artist Guillem March, the cover shows Kara wielding a sword as she fights off a swath of vampiric Atlanteans. Forget Supergirl's usual powers, she seems to be doing just fine using a blade to take on the undead army. Supergirl fights alongside the solo Wonder Twin, Jayna, who has also eschewed her powers for numerous knives. Though the two seem to be outnumbered, both Jayna and Kara are fueled by anger over the loss of their loved ones and they look to channeling that rage into their deadly new weapons.

The loss of Jayna’s brother and Supergirl’s cousin just shows how serious the stakes in this apocalyptic world are. Seeing Kara with a sword might seem surprising but the cover for DC vs. Vampires #7 shows Supergirl wielding the same sword. Evidentially, she's not going to be able to rely on her powers for much longer and is going to need something a bit more lethal to get the job of dispatching vampires done. While it's tragic seeing the happy-go-lucky Supergirl go through such an awful event, this "Elseworlds"-style tale is a chance to show the kind of hero Kara can be when the chips are down.

Hypothetical and non-canon tales have the freedom to take heroes and see how they’d react in scenarios they’d likely never encounter in canon. She may have faced difficulties before, but DC vs. Vampires is putting Supergirl through the absolute ringer. However, the Supergirl has always been a resilient character who fights on in spite of the personal cost to herself. Picking up a sword may not be the path of the Prime Earth Kara, but it's absolutely in line with her willingness to do whatever she can to save the day. Whether or not Supergirl lives through DC's vampire apocalypse is yet to be seen, but what's known is that she's not going down without a fight.

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Look for DC Vs. Vampires #9 when it releases on September 27th!

Source: League of Comic Geeks

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