Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Superman and Lois season 2, episode 14.

The love story between Jordan Kent and Sarah Cortez in Superman and Lois season 2 avoided a common cliché and frequent Arrowverse story trap when Sarah finally learned about Jordan's superpowers and secret identity. In many superhero stories, the revelation that the hero lied to their loved ones about who they were frequently leads to resentment and, in some cases, friends becoming enemies. Yet Sarah and Jordan showed more maturity in how they handled their relationship and tried to be more honest with one another than the vast majority of adults in the Arrowverse.


The young romance between Sarah Cortez (Inde Navarrette) and Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin) pushed one of the most interesting conflicts of Superman and Lois season 2. Having inherited his father's honest nature along with his powers, Jordan disliked having to hide his burgeoning superpowers in Superman & Lois from Sarah but respected his parents' wishes that he maintain their secret that Clark Kent is Superman, even if he was certain that he wanted to marry Sarah once they were old enough. This led to Sarah dumping Jordan after he missed one date too many, not knowing that his sudden unreliability was due to Jordan running off to secretly save other peoples' lives. Things were further complicated when Sarah's mother Lana Lang (Emmanuelle Chriqui) learned that Clark Kent was Superman and, unable to cope with the idea of keeping that secret from her family, elected to avoid any contact with the Kents from that moment on. Lana also directly forbid Jordan from revealing his secret identity to Sarah or hanging out with her, for fear that he would get her hurt.

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Despite Lana's best efforts to protect Sarah, she learned the truth of Jordan's double life in Superman and Lois season 2, episode 14, "Worlds War Bizarre," after Superman and Lois Lane confirmed the existence of Bizarro World and Ally Allston's plot to merge it with Earth-Prime during a town hall meeting in Smallville. Sarah realized that Jordan must have known about the story his mother was working on and guessed that was why he had been so distracted. Jordan confirmed that was part of the reason and seemed to be ready to tell Sarah about his powers when they were interrupted by the arrival of Lana-Rho, the Lana Lang of Bizarro World. Jordan's eyes glowed red as he told Sarah to run, dramatically revealing his powers to her as he engaged her mother's doppelgänger. Later, Sarah confronted Lana about her efforts to hide Jordan's secret from her, having deduced that Lana must have just learned the truth as well and that was why she had been acting so strangely recently. Sarah's cleverness and her response to the revelation that her ex-boyfriend had superpowers set her apart from the majority of Arrowverse characters who learned their love interest was a superhero.

While Sarah did require direct evidence of Jordan's powers to put the pieces together regarding his double life, she figured out most of the circumstances of his secret on her own. This marked her as far cleverer than lawyer Laurel Lance and journalist Iris West, who had no idea that their respective friends were Green Arrow and The Flash until they were directly informed of that fact. Sarah also did far better in accepting that Jordan had her best interests at heart and that he was honestly upset about lying to her after being pressured to do so by his parents and Lana. Her response was far more mature than that of Lena Luthor, who swore revenge on Kara Danvers for not trusting her with her secret identity after Lex Luthor revealed the truth about how her best friend didn't fully trust her.

It remains to be seen if Superman & Lois' Jordan and Sarah can rekindle their romance in the event of the season 2 finale. While Sarah may be able to forgive Jordan for his reasons for lying for so long, the two are still fairly young to be making life-long plans regarding their future. The larger problem may be the gulf that has arisen between Sarah and Lana in Superman & Lois season 2, as Sarah was rightly furious regarding her mother's apparent belief that she shouldn't be trusted with Jordan's secret.

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The Superman and Lois season 2 finale airs on Tuesday, June 28, on The CW.

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