Monmouth: Cyclist jailed for fatal crash with pedestrian

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Elizabeth Stone, 79, was walking on the pavement in Monmouth when Stewart McGinn struck her

A cyclist who hit a pedestrian as she walked on a pavement, causing her death, has been jailed for 12 months.

Elizabeth Stone, 79, was walking in Monmouth when Stewart McGinn, 29, came around a corner and struck her.

Ms Stone hit the ground and suffered serious head injuries in the crash on 7 June, and died four days later.

McGinn, who did not stop and rode away ignoring pleas from Ms Stone's friend, pleaded guilty to wanton or furious driving at Cardiff Crown Court.

James Wilson, prosecuting, told the court Ms Stone, known to friends as Jane, had gone for a meal and been to the cinema with her friend.

Ms Stone was hit as the pair were walking home on Wonastow Road at 21:50.

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McGinn, 29, was jailed for 12 months

Mr Wilson told the court that McGinn's bike struck Ms Stone "violently".

He said: "It lifted her in the air and off her feet. When she hit the ground her friend described her head making a cracking sound when it hit the pavement.

"McGinn cycled away and did not stop. Even though Jane's friend Janet pleaded with him to stop, saying 'please I'm on own, come back'."

Paramedics and police arrived and Ms Stone was taken to University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

The court was shown CCTV of the crash, which lasted only a matter of seconds.

The court heard McGinn came forward 10 days later, on 17 June, after a police appeal.

He first told police he stopped and helped Ms Stone to her feet but later admitted that was untrue.

Ms Stone's brother, David Bruten, read a victim impact statement to the court describing his sister as very active.

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The moment Ms Stone was hit was captured by CCTV

"People might read reports in the press of another frail old lady has died," he said.

"But this is not the case. Jane was very active and just a couple of years ago abseiled down the church tower to raise money for charity.

"She was also a swimmer, a walker and attended yoga classes. The topic of conversation with friends on the night she died was planning her 80th birthday which would have been in May."

Mr Wilson told the court: "This was not a momentary lapse but a deliberate act of mounting the kerb and taking the corner at speed and something he'd done several times before.

"He did not stop, and he did not stop because he knew what had happened and what he'd done."

Sentencing, Judge Lloyd-Clarke said: "Your reckless behaviour resulted in a serious injury which was later to be fatal.

"You saw the fall and you must have heard it too, from the description the court has heard, but you decided not to stop and that was a cowardly thing to do."

Speaking outside court, Ryan Randall, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "The way in which McGinn rode his bike around the corner was completely irresponsible.

"His disregard for the safety of others using the pavement proved to be disastrous and is a stark reminder that pedal cycles can be dangerous to other road users when ridden so recklessly.

"Our thoughts are with those who have suffered the tragic loss of Mrs Stone."

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