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Kardashian fans slam Kim for talking about ‘inappropriate’ topics in front of her sons Saint, 6, and Psalm, 3

KARDASHIAN fans have slammed Kim for talking about "inappropriate" topics in front of her sons Saint, 6, and Psalm, 3.

Kim, 41, recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show

Kim Kardashian appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonCredit: NBC
Kim mentioned her SKKN Line and mentioned Pete DavidsonCredit: NBC

Host Jimmy Fallon dived into different topics, such as her hosting duties on Saturday Night Live, her relationship with Pete Davidson, 28, and her new SKKN line.

The Kardashians star confessed she had no idea who had been on SNL in the past, including Jimmy and Will Ferrell.

Her boyfriend, Pete, had to bring her up to speed and "school" her.

Meanwhile, Saint and Psalm were sitting in the audience, along with Kim's friend, Tracy, and her daughter, Remi.

Kim said in "Mom mode": "Guys. Guys. Can you stop?

"My two boys are here, and I hear them making so much noise," 

Kim continued: "Guys, this is your first time at work with me. Don't mess this up. Come on!" 

Jimmy invited the kids backstage, where they seemed to behave during the rest of the interview.

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After the show, Kim and her kids headed straight to the parked van, which was caught on video.

An individual in the cheering crowd shouted: "Are you excited for Khloe to be dating again?"

Tristan, 31, confessed he was unfaithful in his supposedly exclusive relationship with Khloe, 37,  and had an affair with Maralee Nichols, 42. 

The E! star wore a black top that teased her midriff and had on a cap over her blonde hair. 

Kim did not respond, but she flashed a peace sign. 


Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans were not thrilled with the reality star in the comments section with how she snubbed her ex and avoided the topic of sex with Tristan's scandal.

One fan said: "She shouldn't go along with talks like that. These kids absorb these questions more than people know, I think."

Another fan added: "Don't talk about your boyfriend and snub their father. They’re still kids, but they’re old enough to piece things together. "

A third fan mentioned: "Don't pretend to ignore Khloe when her whole situation is so public! They might not want to/be able to verbalize how they feel right away, but they’re listening and absorbing. Kids’ brains are sponges I swear."

A fourth person wrote: "It's cringey when you you talk about the boyfriend and snub their father. I imagine they have some indication of Khloe’s situation being so public. Poor kids must be at least a bit confused."

A commentator chimed in: "Kids have the mental capacity to hear and understand things, but they also don’t have enough life experience to apply it properly, which can lead to catastrophes."

Kim shares two more children with her ex-Kanye West, 44, - North, nine, and Chicago, four.

After filing for divorce back in February 2021, she did not stay single for long and jumped into a relationship with The Suicide Squad actor.

Kim was spotted in public with her kidsCredit: Splash
Kim is currently dating boyfriend Pete DavidsonCredit: instagram
Kim presented her children during the Tonight Show interviewCredit: NBC