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A MIDWIFE has shared a very handy hack that she claims saves her so much time when burping babies - both breastfed or bottle-fed.

And perhaps the best part? It's super easy for anyone to do.

A midwife named Phoebe, who is from the UK, took to TikTok and shared "the little baby burping trick" that she swears byCredit: TikTok
Phoebe noted how the hack involves a certain stretch, before placing the baby over your shoulderCredit: TikTok

Danielle, who is from the UK and is know as "The Enchanted Nanny", shared a short video to TikTok where she reveals "the little baby burping trick."

In the clip, she demonstrates her method on a doll and explains how you start off by holding the baby under the armpits before giving it a little "bob and stretch."

"Stretching them out like this and letting gravity gently pull the tummy down," she says.

"Let the legs dangle, really helps all those little air bubbles find their way out of baby."



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She then explains "the really important bit" which consists of allowing your baby to rest on your shoulder to help release the gas.

Danielle warns: "I'm not resting baby's head on my shoulder."

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"I'm making sure that I stretch them up and then just pop their tummy onto where my shoulder is."

"This also really helps coax that wind out, giving baby a nice straight back and a firm pat."

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"Usually, that's when they bring the wind up."

The post has since received comments from grateful parents across the country who are eager to give the trick a go.

"This makes sense, I’m currently pregnant and feel a bit sick when I need to burp and standing up helps." wrote one.

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A second commented: "Controversial among my my colleagues but while stretching them I tap there feet on a need by surface like little jumps."

In response, Danielle wrote: "YESS! Things like this work a treat! Thank you."