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EVERY parent of young children knows there's just not enough hours in the day.

A mother of three young children has shared the time-saving hack she uses when doing her family's laundry.

TikTok user Motherhood On Purpose shared her time-saving laundry hackCredit: TikTok/motherhoodonpurpose

A TikTok user who goes by the name Motherhood On Purpose shared the quick method she uses to put away her children's clothing.

The mother-of-three filmed herself carrying out the post-laundry process.

Laying her children's clothes on a bed, the TikToker added items such as dresses and jackets onto hangers, and hung them up.

Then, the TikTok user opened the drawers of her children's dresser and appeared to organize the clothes into bins.

The issue that some viewers had with this method was over the fact that the TikTok mom added the clothes without folding them first.

By skipping this step and storing the clothes quickly, the mother was able to complete her task in under 10 minutes.

In her video caption, she asked: "Is anyone still folding kids clothes?!"

She also joked: "Now the next step is my kids doing this on their own!"

The quick organizational hack has gone viral on TikTok, with many busy parents trying it out.

However, some users have not responded to the laundry hack with enthusiasm.

One user asked: "Aren’t your clothes wrinkled?"

But others are supportive of the time-saving technique. One viewer wrote: "Finally stopped folding [my children's clothes] and working on breaking the habit for my clothes as well."

The TikToker gave her followers a look into her children's clothes drawersCredit: TikTok/motherhoodonpurpose