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PEOPLE is taking you back to the '90s with exclusive interviews, deep dives into cultural touchstones and long overdue revisits to pop culture gold. Hosted by PEOPLE’s Deputy West Coast Editor Jason Sheeler and Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal, PEOPLE in the '90s is a love letter disguised as a podcast. Listen here.

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Find Out the Winners of the PEOPLE in the '90s Podcast's First Annual 'Bestie Awards'
From fragrances to movie quotes, the best of the '90s, as selected by PEOPLE in the '90s hosts Jason Sheeler and Andrea Lavinthal
Kenan Thompson Reflects on Working with 'Pro' Chris Farley in the '90s and What He Learned from Him
"I learned literally a wealth of career knowledge in three hours, just watching a pro take direction,” the double Emmy nominee says about working with the late Chris Farley
Fabio Explains What Happened When a Goose Struck Him on a Rollercoaster: 'It Was a Miracle'
On the season finale of the PEOPLE in the '90s podcast, the romance novel cover star (and pop culture icon) says there is still a mystery around that day in 1999 in Busch Gardens
Fabio Alleges Gianni Versace Owed Him Money from a '90s Fragrance Campaign: 'He Wasn't a Very Honest Person'
The model and actor also rehashes his career journey on the season finale of the PEOPLE in the 90s podcast.
Darius Rucker Was 'Shocked' Following Morgan Wallen's N-Word Controversy: 'Racism Still Lives'
"It's shocking how prevalent it is. Racism still lives. It lives strong in some people and it's sad," Rucker tells PEOPLE's People in the '90s podcast

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The Search for Ultimate '90s Hunk Fabio
Jason Sheeler, the co-host of our PEOPLE in the '90s podcast, had one dream: To secure ultimate '90s icon Fabio as a guest for the show. Did he succeed?
Bill Bellamy Clarifies '90s Janet Jackson Rumors: 'There Was an Attraction' but They 'Never Dated'
"There was an attraction, I'll be honest with you," he says on PEOPLE in the '90s
Lisa Rinna Had a 'Couple of One-Night Stands' with Days of Our Lives Costar Patrick Muldoon 

Lisa Rinna played Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives alongside Patrick Muldoon, who played her onscreen brother Austin Reed