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Busy Philipps Says She Woke Up Crying on Her Birthday After Roe v. Wade Decision: 'We Can't Stop'
Busy Philipps admitted to having an abortion when she was 15 back in 2019
Protests Erupt in Washington, D.C. After Roe v. Wade Is Overturned: 'You Should Be Allowed to Choose'
"It's nice to be able to kind of commiserate and be one with everyone else who's feeling the same emotions as I," pro-choice activist Rachel Nix told PEOPLE on Friday
President Joe Biden Signs Bipartisan Gun Safety Bill into Law: 'Lives Will Be Saved'
"There's much more work to do, and I'm never going to give up," President Joe Biden said before signing S. 2938 into law, which enacts commonsense gun laws and funds life-saving programs
Several House Republicans Allegedly Asked Donald Trump for a Pardon Before He Left the White House
Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz was among those who asked the Trump White House for a pardon, according to several witnesses who testified in the Jan. 6 hearings
First Lady Jill Biden Attends Surfside Memorial Marking 1 Year Since Condo Collapse: 'We Stand By You'
The early morning building collapse killed 98 people and left dozens of others homeless on June 24, 2021
Hailey Bieber Shares Reaction to Roe v. Wade Reversal: 'What an Extreme Loss'
Hailey Bieber was also a part of a group of nearly 160 people who appeared in a full-page ad in The New York Times advocating for reproductive rights and denouncing the decision to overturn Roe in May

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Most Americans Support a Woman's Right to Choose, Polls Show
Several polls have shown that the majority of Americans want the federal right to an abortion to remain in place
Five States Have Already Banned Abortions After the Roe Reversal
Knowingly performing or inducing an abortion is now a felony in five states — Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri and South Dakota — and could lead to jail time or significant fines
Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Eliminating the Constitutional Right to Abortion

The decision lets individual states decide whether to allow abortions, and will likely lead to all but total bans on the procedure in nearly half of the country