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Love (well, lust) is all around us…

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To the North American girl with blonde hair and piercings on the train between London Bridge and East Croydon on Saturday morning. We sat opposite each other and you were with two other people. You said ‘have a nice day’ in a non-banal manner when I was about to get off at East Croydon. Coffee?

Guy, White T-Shirt, Black Coat

To the curly, dark-haired angel with a slim face and tanned complexion wearing a jean jacket on Wednesday. You got off at the stop before Hackney Downs at around 7.50am after standing by the bathroom on the Liverpool Street train for the whole trip. You looked really cute and I think we looked at each other a few times. Would you like to grab a drink in Shoreditch at some point?

Tall Guy, Green Jacket, Curly Hair

You had dark, curly hair and were carrying a green leather rucksack and wearing blue tights. This was Tuesday on the Piccadilly line. You got off at Rayners Lane at around 5.45pm. I was sat next to you. When our eyes met, my heart jumped a bit. I wish I’d gotten off too.

Dirty Trousers, White Shirt, Mask

To the beautiful steel-blonde at Gordon Hill at 5.30am on Fridays. We have been talking for months now. Fancy a date? I think I have fallen in love.

Construction Guy, Converse And Black Cargos

You had brown hair and a pretty face and were wearing a green jumper with white trainers and AirPods. This was Bank Holiday Monday on the train between Egham and Staines. I noticed you in front of me. We locked eyes and it made my day. I wish I’d asked for your number. Was it all in my head?

Guy With Brown Hair Curtains

To the Indian girl with a silver nose ring and white bag on the Jubilee line to Stanmore on September 14. We took the Tube from Baker Street and were the last two on the carriage. I wanted to say hi but I was a bit shy. Let me know if I can buy you a drink?

Guy In The Green Gilet

To the tall, red-haired, bearded and moustachioed, possibly Irish gent at the Natural History Museum, attending a Professor Alice Roberts members’ evening event on January 11, 2018. It was more than four years ago, so it’s a bit of a long shot, but you saved my glass of red wine and my coat from certain disaster when I was trying to get settled before the start of the talk. We did exchange a few words but you had scarpered at the end of the talk before I could say thank you. Would you like to meet for a drink that you don’t need to save?

Red Wine-Loving Professor Alice Roberts Fan

To the vivacious 5ft 5in Australian woman in her late 20s with long, light-brown hair, who works in London and NYC and was on a three-day reunion with friends in Belgrade. You were at gate A4 of Belgrade Airport, trying to decide whether to board the flight with a short connection in Vienna. We spoke and I thought we clicked instantly. Please, please get in touch.

Scottish/American Accent

Love (well, lust) is all around us…

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