Polyphony Digital is continuing to support Gran Turismo 7 with regular and frequent updates that add race tracks, new cars, while making various tweaks and adjustments to the game alongside the usual bug and glitch fixes. Not all of these updates have been positive as previous updates reduced race payouts, which led to a significant (and deserved) backlash. But overall it's good to see the developer adding new content to the game, which it previously did for Gran Turismo Sport, ultimately turning the game into a much fuller and more rounded experience.


Meanwhile, a Tweet from Polyphony boss and Gran Turismo creator Kaz Yamauchi teased a new update that is coming next week. In a now familiar tease for GT enthusiasts, Yamauchi also Tweeted out an image showing silhouettes of the new cars that will be added. Fans of course speculated on the identities of these silhouettes, and it appears an iconic car of the series is set to return.

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As @KEIHINtakku and other eagle-eyed observers noted, one of these silhouettes look like the 1998 Suzuki Escudo. While the 1996 Pikes Peak version may be the most feted of the Suzuki Escudos, and which earned fame from its inclusion in 1999's Gran Turismo 2, the 1998 version was included in the PS2's Gran Turismo 3.

It was a monster of a car, with 987 HP and weighing in at just 800 kilos, players quickly learned that this Suzuki was able to dominate races purely from its blistering speed. It even won a popular vote among racing game fans, beating out the Hornet from the Sega classic Daytona USA, to be crowned the greatest video game car ever.

Meanwhile, the other two silhouettes could be a Suzuki Vision Gr. 3 and a 1932 Ford Roadster. We will have to wait and see when the update goes live if these are indeed the cars that will be added, while there's speculation that at least one of these cars will be headed to the Legendary car dealership in the game, which means they won't always be there. Better get grinding to earn those credits, GT fans!

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