Pokemon doesn't really know how to mark an anniversary without doing just about everything it can possibly think of to celebrate. That has been demonstrated once again via the efforts put into Pokemon Unite's first birthday, and next on the agenda is the arrival of Scizor in the MOBA.

Well, technically the arrival of Scyther and Scizor since the former will be how the Pokemon will start its battles when it arrives later this month. Unite's next Pokemon have been revealed in batches since the game began its anniversary celebrations, and Scizor was revealed alongside Mew and Dodrio. The exact date Scizor can be unlocked and used has now been confirmed, and there's not long to wait.


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The second-gen Pokemon, and its first-gen pre-evolved form, will arrive in Unite on September 28. The usual gameplay trailer that normally accompanies a reveal date for a new Unite Pokemon isn't a part of the date confirmation, but odds are it will drop at some point between now and its grand entrance next week. Scizor will be the last of three Pokemon added to Unite this month following Mew and Dodrio.

Mew came to Unite with a new and unique way to be unlocked. Collecting mural fragments. That won't be the case for Scizor, and while it hasn't been confirmed just yet, it seems likely you'll need to part way with some Aeos gems if you want to unlock the newest Pokemon coming to the game. This still doesn't end the run of new Pokemon coming to Unite to mark the game turning one either. Clefable, along with Clefairy, will join the playable roster on October 13.

TiMi and The Pokemon Company are clearly very pleased with how Unite's first year has gone. Not only via the amount of work it has put into the game's anniversary but the vision it has for the game's future. Unite's producer Masaaki Hoshino told TheGamer's Eric Switzer that he hopes to one day see every Eeveelution in the game. An effort that was furthered earlier this year when Glaceon was added to the game.

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